Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

TDOTL 28/08/2014 - Exchange Words

Dear Derek,

You haven't heard a lot from my site over the last years though I've once been a girls who gave you a letter at the German Book Fair 2011 and I only made a twitter account just to get in contact with you (former times – no blogspot). But besides those tiny bits of chitchat I've never been a very active member of your community - never wrote hundreds of comments in your blog or on Facebook not connected with other fans. Always felt as if I'm too old for being part of the target audience (younger than you but still 30+) hence felt kind of outside the fandom regardless the fact how often you praised your minions (Or maybe I'm just a stupid idiot-uhm)

Yet, being a minion is what I am.

And now where the end is nigh and TDOTL is going to be released today I feel the urge to rise again.

I heard a lot about Skulduggery Pleasant book 1 after its release in Germany in late 2007. "It’s funny", "It’s unusual", "It’s hilarious" they, the critics, said. But, you know, I don't like reading books because everyone else reads them or says they are goods. The hype pushed my away from the so called "brilliant books". In fact, I bought the first book as a bargain at the Chapters bookstore in Dublin back in 2008 and it cost me 1€ - no lie. "For 1€ it can't be wrong", I thought, "The press said it’s good so I'll give it a try", I thought. The rest is history - as they say!

Now I'm sitting here, waiting for book 9 to arrive, let the twitter alert drive me mad from all your tweets (I know, I know – I *could* switch it off) and feeling ... uhm, strange.

It’s going to end very soon. No more fun and fight. Or at least not in this world, not with those guys... They made me laugh and cry, they touched my soul and my heart. You're words made me angry and happy and furious – all at the same time... Because you found those characters and brought them to life I had a very, very good time enjoying myself while reading the Skulduggery Pleasant books. I absolutely love your blog - your crazy way to talk to us, your fabulous humor which made a lot of things easier for me (including missing my Irish folks a bit less). Usually, I would not recommend a book series before I know the end. But this thing is different. Even if you ruin the whole story with TDOTL, I will still love the humour and enjoy reading the dialogues.

So, why all those sweety kinda words, you might ask??

Whatever is out there waiting for me, I wanted to say THANK YOU Mr. Landy for what you did. A wise man once said "The important thing is the work, and the effort, and how you take that simple little idea and turn it into something special."

Thank you very much for something special!

The best is yet to come ;-)
Minion Mimi

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